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Member Profiles provide a showcase for our members’ many talents. They also connect our farmers, organizers, and educators to keep programs growing.  Peruse the many services offered by our members below! 

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Christina Chang
Lokelani O’hana 501(c)3

Building community, enhancing lives with people of special needs in Hawaii. Offering an organic. Community supported agricultural program. 



E.G. Davis
Idlewilde Farms

Idlewilde farms produces farm fresh eggs and stone fruits when in season.  Services provided include native tree planting, reforestation, farm/garden design, and assistance in grants and permits for agricultural land.


Lisa Darcy
Ho`omoana Foundation

Ho`omoana Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to assisting individuals rebuild their lives by focusing on safe living environments and work.  Central to a healthy life is being productive. We encourage productivity in mother nature.


david fisher

David Fisher
Maui Venture

Getting “hands on” developing a small diversified backyard garden farm in Haiku while continuing to use 23 years experience on Maui helping small businesses.  Serving on MFUU board.

 Bill & Marta Greenleaf
Greenleaf Farm

Greenleaf Farm is a permaculture teaching farm on the slope of Haleakala in Maui, HI.  We grow a variety of fruits and vegetables using organic, biodynamic principles.

 Bill & Cindy Hinto
Island Fresh Delivery

We are locally-owned produce delivery service. We have built relationships with local farms and farmers. Based on what is in season, we deliver unique produce packages to meet the needs of our customers on Maui.

Kyle Kawakami
Maui Fresh Streatery

Maui Fresh Streatery gourmet food truck strives to bring freshly prepared meals made from locally sourced, harvested, and caught products. Our goal is to not only serve lunch, but to become a fixture in the community through active involvement in the school garden programs, sporting events, and corporate venues.

Nio Kindla
Grow Some Good501(c)3

Grow Some Good is a nonprofit community program dedicated to creating hands-on, outdoor learning experiences that cultivate curiosity in natural life cycles, connect students to food sources, and inspire better better nutrition. 


Bob & Kelly King
Pacific Biodiesel


Pacific Biodiesel is a leading pioneer and advocate for the establishment of community-based biodiesel. With over a decade of experience and industry-leading standards, PB is leading the way in sustainable fuel production. 

Kevin Kovach
Ecoscapes Maui

Ecoscapes Maui is a full service environmentally conscious landscaping company. We specialize in low maintenance edible landscaping that feeds the body and soul. We offer permaculture consultations, installations, property maintenance and more.


Mary Lane
Divine Nourishment

Professional chef and author of Divine Nourishment, A Woman’s Sacred Journey with Food. Offering support through classes and private consultations to deepen your relationship with food, and empower you to live and eat aligned with seasonal wisdom of the Earth.

Vincent & Irene Mina
Kahanu Aina Greens

A family farm since 1994 producing in a plant based compost, sunflower, wheatgrass, pea and radish greens.


Karen Peterson
Move with Balance

“Move with Balance®: Healthy Aging Activities for the Brain and Body” is an award winning book, online service, and interactive program on Maui. MWB provides movements that even the frailest elder can perform to increase coordination, sharpen cognitive skills, enhance vision, and elevate self-confidence. 


Simon Russell
Hui ‘O Mālama ‘Āina

Simon’s goal is to grow a clean and sustainable future for Hawaii Nei.  He specializes in planning and implementation of permaculture, edible and food forests landscapes. 

 Evan Ryan
Pono Grown Farm


Evan serves as a consultant to farms, landscapers, and land owners.  His philosophy is centered around soil quality and holistic and diverse biosystems for productive, healthy farms. 

Lin & Chris ter Horst
Maui Fruit Jewels

Lin and Chris ter Horst moved to Maui in 2012 and began making Maui Fruit Jewels, a confection inspired by the traditional French “pates de fruits”. They make their unique and ono confections using Maui-grown fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices.

Susan Teton Campbell
Essential Cuisine

Chef Teton provides a powerful, effective path to enhanced health through food. She is a dedicated and conscientious advocate for optimum health and vitality through diet without sacrificing flavor in any recipe. 


Lehua Vander Velde
Maui Life Coach

Lehua has a passion for supporting land-based entrepreneurs succeed! Coaching is a wonderful model for staying focused, encouraged, and supported in creating and sustaining a right livelihood and balanced life! 

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