HC&S Panel Questions Unanswered

On Tuesday, January 26th, at the monthly meeting of the Haleakala Chapter of the Hawaii Farmers Union United  the chapter hosted a panel to discuss the implications of HC&S going out of business. 
There was no time to answer all of the audience’s questions. Click here to access the forum & view a list of those questions and who they were addressed to. Some did not have a specific recipient so we ask the panelists to please read all the questions and answer ones you feel qualified to answer. All questions starting with “general” are up for grabs.
We can make this an open forum.  All questions are meant to only be answered by panelists, however anyone wanting to ask additional questions, may do so in the comment section. Please see below for instructions on how to participate in the forum.


On the HC&S Panel Questions Unanswered forum, please read through the questions and click on the question that you wish to respond to. Once it brings you to that questions page, simply type in the comment/reply box your answer/question. Before hitting submit to publish, you will need to fill in your name and email address to properly identify each response & as a means of preventing spam. If you have further questions, please email hfuuhaleakalanews@gmail.com.


Melanie Stephens: Program/Course Coordinator Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) – UH-Maui College Office of Continuing Education and Training (OCET)

Rob Parsons: Environmental Coordinator/Maui County Office of Economic Development

Kelly King: Vice President and Chief Communications Officer, Pacific Biodiesel Technologies and Co-founder and Chair, Sustainable Biodiesel Alliance.

Albert Perez: Executive Director of Maui Tomorrow

Susan Wyche: Director of the Office of Grant Development at UH Maui College. Coordinator for the Maui Food Innovation Center/President, Grow Some Good

Taimi Pajimola: Farm Apprentice Mentoring program graduate and a Member of Mauna Kahalawai Chapter of the Farmers Union

Click here to access the forum. 

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