Chapter Committees

We know that it is a community of caring citizens who can create change through community outreach. We all have different talents and diverse interests. Therefore we create committees in various areas so that you can plug in where you might be most passionate and/or have the time to contribute. Let’s work together to create a regenerative, healthy, thriving farming and food community!
If any of the following committees sound like one you’d be a great fit in, please email the point of contact for more information. We look forward to hearing from you! 

Communications Committee: Keith Ranney,, is the state communications chair and has stepped up to take on the local chapter duties as well.

Education Committee: Phyllis Robinson, This committee is growing the FAM program & the next generation of producers.

Cooperative Committee: Jenny Pell,
This committee will grow a food hub on Maui’s North Shore. 

Legislative Committee: Simon Russell,
This committee will seek assistance and advocate for our vision & mission. 

Sustainable Agriculture Committee: Richard (Buddy) Nichols, (temporarily send email inquiries to me at This committee will focus on sustainable energy – a commitment with real time and resources! Feint of heart need not apply.

The sustainable ag committee will use the triple bottom line as its guide star and create viable agricultural business plans for implementation on Maui. The plans will use HFUU principles and policy coupled with basic rules of economics. 

Membership Committee: Jake Lansky,
This committee will work to inform membership what the Chapter is doing & work to keep members current in their status. It will also conduct surveys from time to time to better understand the needs/desires of the membership. 

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