Businesses & Organizations

Ace Hardware provides discounts to members of Maui Farmers Union United

CTAHR provides education and programs for regenerative and renewable farming techniques.

Community Work Day Program is Maui’s connection to community service with heart.  The program is designed to bring people together in service to share create projects which bring benefit and abundance to the community to share. 

Faith Action for Community Equality (FACE)  exists to allow its members to live out our common, faith-based values by engaging in actions that challenge the systems that perpetuate poverty and injustice. 

The Kohala Center is an independent, not-for-profit, community-based center for research, conservation, and education.

Maui County Office of Economic Development supports sustainable economic development within Maui County consistent with the community’s needs and priorities.

Maui Aloha Aina Association has been organizing annual conferences on Body and Soil health since 2001. These events promote life nurturing practices for local sustainability and total well-being.

Maui School Garden Network works to develop a greater sense of food security and understanding of nutrition i by teaching children how to grow their own food in sustainable school gardens and by promoting a direct connection between local food producers and our school food service providers.

Slow Food Maui promotes locally grown foods and culturally diverse culinary practices for health, pleasure and island food security in alignment with the Slow Food movement.

The Maui Coffee Association is a group of growers, service providers, merchants and others with an interest in promoting and enjoying coffee grown in Maui County.  They support local growers and put on the “Seed to Cup” annual tasting conference. 

Tri-Isle Resource Conservation and Development is a community of partner that values and conserves our natural resources as it acts to build an economy to enrich the lives of our residents.[/toggle]

Upcountry Sustainability brings people and groups together creating a collaborative, sustainable Maui community, and thereby helps build a healthy island, state, and planet Earth.


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